Welcome to Berkshire Care

Berkshire Care are specialists in the provision of care in the home.  We understand that care needs are as individual as our customers and that support can be required for many and varied reasons, from long term conditions to needing a helping hand as we reach old age.

Our professional team of experienced carers are trained to provide quality support for you and your loved ones within the confines of your own home. We also aim where possible to assign dedicated individuals to assist you with the care you require on an on-going basis.

Berkshire Care offer free no obligation assessments of your care needs in order to understand and create a support routine to suit your individual requirements and budget.


Our Team of Carers

The Berkshire Care team are a relatively small group of dedicated professional carers. Their experience shines through and always puts our customers at ease.  Every member is fully qualified and undergoes regular training as required to meet Care Quality Commission Standards.


Care Quality Commission

CQC 328x212